Martial Artists Letter

Fellow Martial Artists,

     We would like to thank you for your interest in our soft weapons.  We have been  developing training tools since 1989  that can actually be used to simulate combat.  All of our soft weapons are designed to “Slap” you with enough intensity to make your body “Naturally react” to the strike.  This is the only way that you really develop the defensive skills, and offensive tactics to strike and  avoid being hit yourself!

     We prefer that you train without protective gear, unless you are doing repetitive strikes to the same areas. Obviously it is to your benefit to use padding in these situations because even the Sof-Stxs beat you around if you get hit in the same place over and over. It is also wise to wear foam headgear if you are going to get hit in the head in a full contact situation. Remember…Always Wear Eye Protection!

     Please use these products in the manner that they were intended to be used.  Follow “Care and Training” tips …have a lot of fun, share the tools with everybody that is interested. Sof-Stx sparring is the most real, and the most fun of all our training experiences!

                                                     Thanks Much,

David Monroe