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Cane Training
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All our Sof--Canes are 37" to 38" overall length, w/reinforced Hickory core, and 1" high density foam at the tip for aggressive thrusting!  We make 4 different styles:

Crook- The crook itself is made from 3/4" thick wall aluminum and is wide enough to capture legs, arms and necks. We recommend using the Thick and Thin Cane for both training and sparring.  The Thin crook is gentle enough for hooking, and the Thick shaft it ideal for striking and thrusting!

The Thin Crook works well for light sparring and all training scenarios.

The Thick Crook is great for striking with both ends as hard as you'd like!

T-Grip- The "T" itself is made of copper and Nylon. It fits the hand well and and can be used to greatly improve your Cane fighting skills. Choose either Thick or Thin.

Ball- Modeled after European Walking Sticks. The Ball is 3" in diameter with either a Thick or Thin shaft. Light sparring with the Thin shaft, and Rock and Roll with the Thick shaft.

90 Degree Handle- the "90 degree" itself is made from copper and Nylon.  Choose either the Thick or Thin handle.  Both work well for training and sparring