We support no pads, no helmets, only eye protection! You have to get hit, to learn NOT to get hit!

     We are the first and oldest maker of padded weapons. For 28 years we have supplied academies, law enforcement, distributors and thousands of practitioners with rubber coated, foam padded martial arts weaponry that is specifically designed to hit each other. Our motto is "Experience Without Injury", and we take it seriously.

     Traditionally, all training weapons were made of wood or metal. Nowadays there are lots of rubber and plastic weapons as well. All of these work, but can cause injury. If you're hurt, you can't train at your peak levels.

     When sparring with these "Hard weapons", it is essential to control the strikes, so nobody gets hurt. With the Sof-Stx weapons, you can go full out, beat the fool out of each other, and go to work, or school tomorrow- and do it again the next day!   

    Welcome to a higher level of training...Have fun.

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